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A few years back, on my article about pornography addiction , a reader named John Jones asked about prostitution:. I do have a major problem. Every few months I get a prostitute. Can you please write an article about prostitution? Or give me some advice. I read a lot of your writings, and I gotta admit, I aspire to be like you and think the way you do. You really do have it together, brother. So, let me say before I get into this, there are a lot of men with entrenched, emotional opinions about this issue within the manosphere on the Internet.

Some of these guys love prostitutes, and view any advice against using prostitutes as a personal attack. Or they view criticism as a personal attack that undermines their personal value or status as men. Chase woke up one day in tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating.

After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends plus plenty of failures along the way , he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System. Kindly provide your email address to have a read link mailed to you, or enable cookies and reload the page to read the article.

Skip to main content. Should You Have Sex with Prostitutes? You've read all the free articles I can offer you for this month. If you'd like to read more, I've got to ask for your help keeping the lights on at Girls Chase. You can try out every depraved and degenerate thing you ever wanted to do, because someone will do it for some amount of money.

The girls will look however you want girl next door, model, thin, fat, black, white, Asian, whatever. Let her know that you either live in her city, or travel there frequently, and the sex magically becomes a lot hotter. Some are going to be having a bad day. Move on to the next one. The other side to the coin is that you will find girls who are far more experienced and better at sex than most women you meet. This is a whole separate topic, but come on. Club sluts are far more dangerous, and no one on here is advocating going celibate to avoid the risks of them.

Plus odds are high that it all gets cured in ten years anyway. It goes higher mostly based on how well known they are. Think of anyone who got famous for some sex tape or being in the tabloids and search for their name and Dubai in Google. Watch what comes up. A site called Eros is probably the best ad platform. All the high end agencies that are public enough to have websites will advertise here.

The Erotic Review has forums for discussions of pretty much any question you have, as well as ratings of escorts. Your best options are: Agencies are going to be the most consistent. More money is going to mean a better experience, so go make more money. Most men never, ever achieve anything close to that. Most men can do it just by not spending money on the crap they would otherwise use to attract women.

And the police pretty much entirely ignore the high end agencies. They pretty much have to — imagine how hard it would be to bust an agency where lots of important and powerful people were clients judges, police chiefs, rich businessmen.

Some girls are going to have fake photos or use some weird Myspace angle. Paying more generally gets you more. Backpage or places like that will have police stings on them. Also, all women lie about their age. The older they get, the more years they will shave off. This is much worse than in online dating, because they know full well how much money it costs them to cross age They will try, especially the ones who are a little older.

I encourage men to experience paying for sex at least a few times and in a few different countries to understand the value of pussy versus money versus environment.

I also recommend it for newbies to get over their anxiety, and for quick cummers to practice not nutting early. Beyond that, prostitution is like any other form of escapism. It's an escape from the hard path, which is working on your SMV and actually developing confidence, game, social skills, closer mentality, and all of the other things that real game will teach you.

If you believe you do not want to spend time and frustration learning those skills, fine by me. But if you actually want to raise your SMV, you need the motivation of "needing" your high smv to attract women. I've paid for sex times mostly abroad where it's cheap and high quality and most guys in my situation are complete fucking chodes with zero game.

When they want to find a woman to plate, it quickly gets too expensive. When they find a hooker who really does it for them and they want to keep seeing her, the hooker runs games on them and juices them. Want to get your dick wet once a month or however much you can afford to blow with a chick that's taken 8 dicks that day? Learn about how to avoid LE and scams, stay away from street trash, but knock yourself out. Learn to become an AF the slow hard way.

The problem with most BBs is that they believe their bucks can solve their problems. And paying for prostitutes can solve your sexlessness, but it allows you to remain a BB. Yes, but TRP has proven time and time again that some men pay huge prices for minimal sex, and some men pay minimal prices for top shelf sex. Prostitution is in the middle of the spectrum. It's a better deal than marriage by a fuckton, it's an OK option for non-financial elite guys to get some easy sex.

But it's not nearly as good as being able to pull hot, nonsexworker chicks from daygame or nightgame and fuck them for free, and fuck them repeatedly. But once you've learned from it, you need to get back in the hustle and build your damn SMV.

If you don't care about becoming better at all of the various ingredients of game and seduction and attractiveness, that's cool, but Personally, I've never had sex with an escort, and I recently started looking at women within an hour of me that work for agencies since it seemed the better route overall, and I was surprised that most of them seemed out of shape.

Have you ever heard of an escort that works like this? Anything I should be aware of if so? She has good reviews on Eros. Roughly half of escorts are independents. Thanks for the info, I didn't know that. After reading more of her reviews I found multiple ones mentioning bbbjdt, I was under the impression that most escorts required condoms for all Do you know if this is standard practice?

I think all escorts would be happy to use a condom, just ask. However, the risk of disease transmission via BBBJ's is pretty low for providers, and even lower for recipients. I'm going to be living there for the next months come new year. Where do you generally find them? There's a whole red light district South East of the main train station in the city centre. Go any time after dark and they're standing in the windows, you just take a walk around until you see a girl you like the look of and approach her.

They'll come to a door, negotiate what you want, price, and time limit before you go inside or you could get stung with inflated prices. Being charming, hygenic and confident will get you better treatment overall.

Time once you're in is by the girls judgement unless you want to be strict and set a timer or something, but that's not likely to be taken well I don't think. Fucking crazy how easy it is outside the US. Pretty sure she let him record for free too. So it's cheaper to fly to Ukraine once a month to bang a hooker than doing it in US? That's the rub pun intended. That's just to rich for my blood. I guess I just don't value pussy that much.

There is some data on how much the ghetto whores charge and make, a decent source being superfreakanomics, its pretty affordable moneywise. Many hookers also work minimum wage jobs in the ghetto. Hopefully the case in California will prevail and prostitution will be legal via case law.

THEN women will find out their true worth once guys wake up and start outsourcing their ass! All those guys who talk about they want sex. All that money that should make you a sex god Buy it and life is on easy street. Wait, you don't want to pay for it? Perhaps because you're not being honest with yourself? Maybe you actually want the hunt, the validation of a woman wanting your dick, or just to know you have enough value for someone to want to fuck? Be honest with yourself, because if all you want is to get your dick wet, this is the easiest path, and cheaper, if you can trust redonculus post on this.

For me it's different. I'm not trying to get as much sex as possible. I just want to reach a place where I know I'm desirable for what I am and for I project and not just for my net worth. I'm self confident in a lot of areas in life. But I want to have actualized self confidence in the fact that I can land the woman of my choosing. I'm a pretty happy guy most of the time, I don't need much. The only thing that brings me down is being denied genuine desire from a girl I desire.

And hookers won't help since genuine desire is not for sale. Nope, but escorts are one easy way of getting you access to lots of attractive women where they will either have genuine desire or not. I used escorts a lot in the past. The difference in quality you get between a chick that likes you and one doing it just for the paycheck is huge. Raising your SMV enough and you'll start having women offer you bbfs, going over your time with no extra charge, fs even though you only paid for a massage if a chick is rubbing her body again yours, and she's attracted things "just happen" , etc.

When I was still 70 lbs heavier than I am now, when I very first got into it years ago, that kind of offer would have been unheard of, more recently like as recently as within the past year it has been a long time since I suffered from a "clock watcher". I'll admit it, I use it as a lazy excuse as opposed to going out and meeting lots of women, in between LTRs or during LTRs if the girl is away from me for more than a day but a I live in a cheap market, dollars gets you a really nice girl for an hour.

Sometimes even less 80 dollars for a half hour for a HB B sometimes I want to do something just to try it, sex with 5 different girls in the same day, 4-somes, it's just a matter of time investment. If I make k a year, it's just quicker to pick up the phone. Careful -- there's a good quote I once had written down in a pdf file. It basically says something like "once you reach the pinnacle of your highest dreams -- once you achieve that goal that you spent 15 years working towards -- at that moment you'll realize that great feeling you knew would be at the end of your path -- was all hype and nothing feels different than the day before.

I'm guessing that on my path there I'll have found new interests that I'll keep on exploring even after I reach any objective. But being denied sexual intimacy by a woman that laughs with you, hangs out with you and that "likes" you is right there at the top of emotional pain. It a Korean place that hires exclusively Korean girls, but I don't mind that.

In the past four years I've slept with around 25 women the "normal" way with Tinder, bars and okc, but lately I prefer the escorts because there's no bullshit and I get what I want right away. Plus the girls are much hotter than the ones I generally pull myself. I make pretty good money so the cost is negligible.

Especially compared to dating. The only drawback is that you start to get spoiled by it, and that "validation" you get from pulling a girl yourself starts to feel kind of lame and not worth the effort.

That's certainly not a good thing. There is a lot of great talent that is coming from Latin America, via Texas and Florida. Nashville has a lot of low cost high quality talent. The only negative trend I'm seeing right now, is Russian girls are adopting an entitlement attitude, so I've stop seeing them.

However, the Eastern European women Czech etc Check online forums to make sure they're legit. I have used agencies that got busted before - nothing happened. Again, they can't go after the clients without pulling in everyone on the list, and that isn't happening. Too much of a political clusterfuck for a prosecutor who tried given the types of people they'd find on the client lists. You know who they are and what they look like.

Poor people are easier to put in jail. They can't hire lawyers and fight back. So don't hire escorts the ways that poor people do street corners, back page. There is less political will to prosecute you. Don't do it in the Bible belt somewhere. If you think about it, there are literally entire sites dedicated to showing ads for prostitutes. If you open up your yellow pages, there are probably pages and pages of ads for escorts.

It's all out in the open and no one is arresting all those people. Police mostly don't care unless you're shoving it in everyone's face. Honestly I don't even see them. I've heard too many bad stories about Backpage, and if you copy paste any of the hot one's pictures into Google images, most of the time they're from somewhere on the internet. If a girl isn't from an agency I know, isn't verified on P, or doesn't have a decent amount of reviews on TER, I don't trust them.

The only issue I've had is when they flake out and I have to rub one out. What makes you so sure they'd just go after the "easy" convictions? Prosecutors frequently select cases to pursue based on what is more likely to maintain their conviction rate. Unless they know to just not make any enquiries at all, I don't see how merely being on a list next to a judge and a Police Chief is gong to save you.

If anything it's going to make you a bigger target. Because if this actually happened, the prosecutor knows that your attorney is going to haul all of them into the case. Let's bring them into court to testify! And talk to the media about it over and over! And then the judge, governor, senator, etc. It never gets there because the prosecutor knows this would happen.

And they would be making a lot of enemies and destroying their career. If the ads says "no blacks" or "no African Americans" then they are legit since LE cannot discriminate who they bust.

I'm no lawyer, but "escorting" is perfectly legal. Remember, with an escort you are not paying for sex. You are paying for company. But you being the stud that you are were just so irrisistable that sex "just happened.

Watch what they do in police sting documentaries. They have to get the John to explicitly ask for sex. So an undercover cop might ask "so what would you like me to do? Most of the time, the cops won't directly offer up sex because that could arguably be entrapment.

It must be proven in court that sex acts were exchanged for money. As PumpDumpPumpDump stated, the cops usually target the poor and less educated segments of society. Look at the vast majority of the Johns in those sting documentaries: They can't even fuck a hooker. I enjoy hookers for what they offer a quick usually-professional lay. However, in my personal experience, I have encountered a few problems as it pertains to hookers vs ONS or other chicks:.

Even the occasional hooker who's actually down to do coke and molly and LSD wont stick around for hours fucking all night unless you put up at least 4x their hourly rate. I'm not that rich yet. They wont usually let you fuck them raw. Half the time I even end up getting head with a condom on. And I don't know about anyone else, but I'm less inclined to eat a hookers pussy or asshole than a ONS or plate.

Its like you both are aware that the clock is ticking. She comes in, sees the money sitting somewhere, might go wash up, comes back and starts getting undressed. The clock has started and the pimp is waiting outside in the car.

In about hour its all over, whether you bust a nut or not. Either that or you negotiate for more time. Either way, she's not staying any longer than she needs to to get her money, and it really takes something out of the sexual experience.

Ever had a ho catch an attitude because you got 10 min left and you're still fucking? Or try to rush you to finish up? But its like they're one step up from masturbating.

And on average I find slutty ONSs or plates much more enjoyable, especially if you can get high value ones. For that kind of money you should just get a cheap flight to a better country, fuck better prostitutes and you get to experience the culture and food, as well as being the mysterious stranger to non-pro girls!

And it will still cost you less. In Asia they'll let you go raw and will stay with you the entire night, if you have basic RP knowledge they can't play their games on you. I wouldn't go raw on a slut you just met.

You're rolling the dice just as much as you would with a hooker. Most working girls take professional precautions. That slut who gets drunk and fucks different dudes from the club every weekend probably doesn't. In NYC you can get top notch full service Asians for or so, hot white girls for ; and drop dead smoke shows for no problem. Admittedly it takes a little online research, but if you can find TRP you can figure that part out.

That'll get you a beautiful east european whore. That aside, all of these fucking idiots here saying "sleeping with a hooker is meaningless" "it's hollow" etc. You guys need to stop your bullshit and realise that sex is a transaction no matter what currency you use. You can buy some club slut some drinks, or give a girl your time, or give a whore your money and have something simpler but still as good. If sex is what you want, it doesn't fucking matter if it's "hollow" from paying a whore.

That's just your dumbass small mind unable to understand that the end is what matters here, not the means. You can sit there like a retard and gloat that you "charmed" some drunk bitch and made her want you, and that you "won" or some shit.

Good for you pal. I've fucked romanian models who were beautiful and didn't give me any bullshit, just an hour or 2 of good loving. I got the exact same thing you did, except I didn't waste my time or have to deal with any hassle. Hilarious how half of the people on this sub turn into blithering beta fools with hamsters spinning as soon as the mention of hookers comes up.

I swear when idiots talk about how pathetic you will feel inside is so fucking hilarious. Honestly, I would never be able to have sex with girls like those irl. I just say this response awesome. Grant, while I have never pay for a prostitute, but have had some "happy ending" massages, if I ever make a considerable amount of money, I would consider it. I believe in many smaller cities the prices are more reasonable.

If you do a little hunting 10k can get you 40 different women for one hour each per year. Granted it's better to plate a girl and you can hit 40 hours within a month or so and it can be a lot cheaper than 10k.

Gather plates for free and mix it up with escorts in-between. You don't spend as much and you get more variety. Added benefit of abundance mentality if you live in smaller cities.

Well of course places more Vegas will be a little more. As are the more expensive areas. It was in a metropolitan area of a median-sized city. She was on Back Page, was a nice mixed color, thin and had a nice ass. For guys here at red pill, if you are not obese, not crude, have good hygiene, this will go along way for you.

Once you have an ATF, life becomes really good. I have one now that is fucking bank! She also likes to take me out to my favorite restaurant on Thursday's after her yoga class and fucks like a champ. We've had a couple of all-nighters already. God, I love this gal! I've already hit three porn stars here locally though two of them are now retired. It's just too goddamn fun! Spend the money on prime rib and cigars, not on a girlfriend. My ATF comes to me. New talent I go see.

I'm savvy enough to avoid LE. Outcalls will never be stings because it is too risky for LE and muddier waters when it comes to legal issues for them. I used to have 3 hookers for the night, just to get my porn fantasies fulfilled. You know what's the funniest thing about this shit, you actually need to apply game when you are fucking a hooker. It actually blows my mind, I mean if you want a good experience you have to game them. It almost made me stop doing it for a while.

I have even had a couple of them make requests for the type of sex they want. Let that sink in for a second. The lesson you will learn fucking hookers, in the end, is there is no escape.

You will learn to game, one way or another. You are getting brutally ass raped if you pay those ludicrous rates! Honestly, Americans, pay to travel, have a nice holiday, experience the culture as part of the trip. Plus, pussy is only worth what men are willing to pay. I've heard great things about Brazillian hookers Brazilians are fucking awesome.

Only ones that compare are Paraguayans, which are more difficult to come across, as Rio is times better than Asuncion. I'm headed to Europe this summer for a wedding. The following week will be spent on a sex tour through eastern Europe. No dates for 2 months in the US for 1 week of wild sex with Easter European girls sounds like a good trade off. Honest question, feel free to PM.

When you go to Eastern Europe, how do you find quality hookers, assuming you don't speak the language well enough to find the local review board or best agency? Just use that money on a fucking plane ticket and go somewhere cool Surprisingly I have never paid for sex. Most of the third world countries I have been to are the kind with unattractive women Jamaica, Haiti, etc. When I pull a girl from a bar or day game I get that bounce in my step like, "yeah, them nuts is in demand" but I imagine after fucking a hooker I would just feel dirty, like when you finish jerking off and realize its like an interracial creampie or tranny or midget or something equally disgusting.

Those are ridiculous American prices. In america, that might get you an alright massage, but doesn't even include the happy ending. So I've slept with probably hookers. High end porno stars, backpage sluts, college girl "massage therapists. Beyond hookers , hookers is the Sugar Baby relationship.

These I've found most fulfilling. Its definitely the top of the market, but they start to develop "Feelings" for you, and it graduates beyond transactional sex. You get the sex their real boyfriend doesn't get.

It averages out to about bucks a pop, but again, do the math. Also a great supplement to those of us who are in a happy ONS relationship and some consistency to reduce the chance of STD. Opportunity to rawdog as well, wouldn't do so with a pro hooker.

For guys having problems attracting quality women this could mean a life altering experience and be the money best spent in their entire lives.

I've never had sex without a condom only had sex with pros so far. I am curious as fuck how great it feels without the rubber. Oh well, maybe I'll leave my omega shell one day and find out. Im 31 and after my high school gf pretty much never use a condom ever.

At this point if a decent cute girl said "hey, im 30 miles away, come fuck me! But you have to use a condom" id literally not go. Its that worthless compared to no condom IMO. Most girls I know are on birth control.

If they arent, or I don't trust them, I'd pull out. If you really actually pull out prior to ejaculation, it's pretty damn safe. Have you considered I might take responsibility by starting a family with the girl if she got pregnant? Jack to a cute girl in a bar: Vegas and LA are famous for escorts, but for those who are interested in trying it, and aren't impressed by the local talent I will share an open secret.

Toronto Canada, has the best collection of young beautiful, white, talented and enthusiastic girls, backed by reputable non-criminal agencies, on the planet. That's very interesting since Toronto is the single worst city in the world to try to pick up a non hooker. Wonder if there is some kind of connection? GREAT post, and very motivational - thank you! I have full on plans to start doing this regularly, within the next few years. To people who argue against having paid sex - how else could you get such things as a reverse gangbang, or four- , five-, six- or seven some Not even the most alpha of alpha men will be able to pull that off unless he is super famous and have droves of groupies waiting outside his door.

And like the OP said I speak from experience. I myself and many entrepreneurs are doing this with fairly simple online businesses. It's not really an argument -- there's just pros and cons for having paid sex verses never trying it.

At the end of the day, it's all about the chemicals which our brain releases before, during, and after sex. The only reason I never banged a hooker is because I can't orgasm with a condom.

Not even when I was 16 and a couple quick jerks could get me off. No death grip here either.

. You don't like my responses? Also, the anti abortion side of me is pretty recent. You will learn to game, one way or. Raising your SMV enough and you'll start having women offer you bbfs, going over your time with no extra charge, fs even though you only paid for a massage if a chick is rubbing her body again yours, and she's attracted things "just happen"escort sites aust escorts. The girls will look however you want girl next door, model, thin, fat, black, white, Asian. Its the best way at shattering the Pussy Pedestal. So I felt it important to clarify, to dig deeper into these pro-prostitution beliefs that had rattled me for days.

He is very happy to have sex with her. She looks amazing and can seduce everyone. She prefers to use only hands, not the lips, she things that she is the elite prostitute, but not a dirty whore.

She knows how to make a man happy. She is the cheapest prostitute in her city. The biggest dicks penetrate their mouth and quite reach throats. Then boys cums on the whores faces.

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Free fuck tonite high class prostitutes


Free fuck tonite high class prostitutes